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of Animal Health and Food Ingredients

SAM Nutrition is the premier name in the world of feed additives and ingredients in the United States. As the largest importer in the nation, we take pride in our commitment to supporting our customers’ success.

Our company is built on a foundation of excellence: exceptional service, high-quality products, and a unique personal touch that only a family-owned business can provide.

With a legacy of trust spanning over two decades, SAM Nutrition is more than a company – we’re a dedicated partner on your journey toward optimal animal nutrition and thriving business operations.



We provide Animal Nutrition buyers with a consistent and high-quality supply of the right products at the right price – ensuring the safety, efficacy, and nutritional value of the ingredients used in animal feed.


Providing safe & effective ingredients

We offer Nutritionists scientifically proven and innovative solutions, backed by research and data, to enhance the health, growth, and performance of animals through optimized feed formulations.

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SAM Nutrition Products

SAM Nutrition is your trusted source for premium animal and human nutrition additives. We are dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to optimize health, performance, and well-being.

Animal Nutrition

Our animal feed ingredients and specialty products set the industry standard for quality, performance, and price. We source, produce, and ship critical ingredient supplies worldwide, helping provide the key nutritional components for a healthy and profitable animal nutrition industry.

Animal Health

SAM Nutrition offers safe, effective, and proven animal health ingredients that aid in the prevention of disease and promotion of optimal animal performance.

Plant Nutrition

Our high-performance plant nutrition ingredients provide high quality secondary nutrients that result in healthy plants and high yields. Our line of products ensure that all varieties of crops across a wide range of soil conditions will yield the highest rates per acre.

A Diverse Product Offering

Other Industries

We have leveraged our experience to develop a variety of impactful products and services across a broad spectrum of diverse industries.

Human Nutrition

Our high-quality human health ingredients are competitively priced and readily available to help you produce consistent and reliable products.

Dyes & Leather

SAM Nutrition started in the dyes and leather business. Our experience sourcing supplies for Redwing Shoes helped build the foundation for SAM Nutrition to supply raw materials for some of the world’s most trusted brands.


This Is What Our Clients Say

"SAM Nutrition’s commitment to customer satisfaction has helped us lower our inventory spending, reduce our inventory waste, and decrease our raw material costs by five percent. Their outstanding customer service is truly inspiring, and we greatly value our relationship with them."

Purchasing Manager
Animal nutrition company

"Over twelve years of partnership and still going!"

Purchasing Manager
Research and development company

"We reached out and SAM responded. They gave us priority and understood the delicacy of the situation."

Manufacturing company
The SAM Nutrition Difference

The Power of Technology and Logistics Management

At SAM Nutrition, advanced logistics is the driving force behind our ability to consistently deliver excellence. Our in-house logistics capabilities enhance our ability to maintain the highest product standards, while meeting customer demands.

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