Celebrating 22 Years

The SAM Story

The SAM Nutrition journey started over two decades ago, when in 2002, Sunil Shah established the foundation that would become one of the fastest-growing multinational ingredient sourcing and distribution companies in the world.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Sunil Shah developed a strong background in business and entrepreneurship, having been exposed to the family paint and coatings business at a young age. His educational pursuits led him to North Dakota State University, where he studied Polymers and Coatings. Upon completion of his master’s degree in the subject, he would return home with his new knowledge and experience to join the family business.

After several years, Sunil’s ambitions continued to grow, leading him and his wife Mita, to relocate back to the United States with their young son Apoorva. Mita would earn her master’s degree in computer science while the groundwork was set for the new company.

The watershed moment for SAM Nutrition transpired when they signed their first major business contract, becoming the principal supplier for leather dyes and shoe tanning chemicals to the United States Armed Forces via a strategic collaboration with Red Wing Shoes.

The company’s success and innovation in that industry quickly translated into the expansion to sectors including plant and animal nutrition. SAM Nutrition has since grown to become one of the premier global suppliers of animal nutrition, animal health, fertilizer, human nutrition, botanical, and organic supplements.

SAM Nutrition’s success today was earned through the sourcing and distribution of high-quality products with a focus on customer service. “Customer service is the key factor that will distinguish us from others,” Shah noted, “add products that will yield results and you will build strong business relations.”

This background of service is directly tied to familial origins. The acronym S-A-M, comprising the initials of Sunil, Apoorva, and Mita Shah, conveys an ethos of kinship and their shared aspiration to work together to make the company successful.

“We wanted to share our pride in being a family business with our clients and partners, thus founded the name SAM.” said Apoorva, “It sends a clear message that we believe in our company by putting our names out in front.”

Today, SAM Nutrition continues to bring forth high-quality products, competitive pricing, market intelligence, and logistic agility to meet the demands of a growing industry.

Welcome to SAM Nutrition, where excellence in animal nutrition is our foremost commitment. As a trusted leader in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of premium feed additives, ingredients, and solutions that empower animal nutritionists, buyers, and sourcing agents to achieve optimal health, performance, and well-being for the animals under their care. We also service and support distributors and manufacturers of human and plant nutrition, dyes, and leather products.

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