Sourcing & Shipping

Empowered Logistics

SAM Nutrition has over 100 years of combined logistics experience and background to ensure optimal sourcing and delivery of ingredients. Our in-house logistics team uses the most advanced software, which enables us to know exactly where our containers are at all times and when they will be delivered to our seven warehouses.

At SAM Nutrition, our expertise is in sourcing and delivering the right ingredients at precisely the right time. We go beyond providing products; we offer tailored solutions that align with the unique requirements of each customer.

Our global manufacturing and sourcing network is built to ensure that we present clients with the finest ingredient options available, catering to specific needs, pricing requirements, and supporting the objectives of nutrition programs.

We have built a proprietary logistics process that allows us to provide efficient and tailored service to customers. Our remote inventory management system allows us to track shipments and deliveries in real time. Our freight and supply chain management systems allow us to keep customers updated while allowing us to anticipate supply chain issues with enough time to react before they cause disruption. 

With a comprehensive logistics background, we manage a seamless supply chain that optimizes, reduces, and enhances overall transportation efficiency. With our advanced tracking systems, clients can monitor the progress of their orders. We recognize that efficient and timely delivery is critical, as such, our customers can trust that orders will be delivered when they need them, keeping programs running smoothly.

Extensive quality control testing is integrated at every step, ensuring that the ingredients sourced and delivered meet the highest standards. We have Quality Control Centers located strategically at the manufacturing and shipping source – with verified third-party testing available on any product we offer.

With global reach, strategic logistics support, transparent tracking systems, and stringent quality control measures, we provide customers with a holistic solution that seamlessly integrates into their processes, enabling them to focus on their unique business operations instead of the logistics of moving ingredients and supplies.