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Supporting Nutritionists

At SAM Nutrition, we support animal nutritionists in their pursuit of optimizing animal diets, performance, animal health and well-being. Our mission goes beyond providing feed additives and ingredients – we equip nutritionists with the tools, expertise, and resources they need to make informed decisions that positively impact the animals under their care.


More Than a Supplier

We know how important reliable and consistent quality and safety is to the efficacy of your nutrition programs. Over the last two decades, we have worked side by side with our customers to develop vetting guidelines and compliance standards for our global suppliers and manufacturers. We partner with nutritionists to help them discover and develop new ways to enhance performance and reduce costs.

How SAM Nutrition Supports Animal Nutritionists​​

We understand that as an animal nutritionist you’re seeking several key factors from your ingredient suppliers to ensure the well-being and performance of your animals. We offer the following product support:

Nutritional Profile: Ingredients with a well-defined nutritional composition that meets the specific dietary requirements of the targeted animals.

Quality Assurance: Ability to provide consistent and high-quality ingredients, free from contaminants, toxins, and adulterants.

Traceability: Clear documentation and traceability of ingredient sources to help ensure transparency and accountability in the supply chain.

Research and Data: Scientific research and data supporting the efficacy of the ingredients in improving animal health and performance.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with relevant regulations and standards to ensure the safety and legality of the ingredients used in animal feed.

Customization: We offer customized formulations to match specific dietary needs and goals crucial for optimizing your animal nutrition program.

Reliability: We understand the timely and consistent delivery of ingredients is essential to maintain the production schedules of animal feed.

Innovation: SAM Nutrition stays updated with the latest advancements in feed additives and ingredients, allowing us to offer creative solutions that improve animal health and productivity.

Collaboration: We often partner with universities to fund and implement trials to help nutritionists develop higher performing, lower cost diets.

Long-Term Partnership: We are a supplier who understands the industry’s evolving needs and are deeply committed to building long-term relationships.

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